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How to increase penis size with Size Genetics

Size Genetics Penis Extender

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How to increase penis size with Size Genetics

How to increase penis size with Size Genetics

Hello. If you are reading this article how to increase penis size then the chances that you have a similar problem like me are high. Well, I must correct myself and talk in the past tense – HAD a problem! Of course I’m talking about the little man down there, the general, the snake in the trousers, Mr. Penis.

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The reason I’m addressing this issue is to give you hope that things can get better and the questions like “how to enlarge penis?” or “how to increase penis size?” will be in your past. I know, it sounds a little far-fetched, I didn’t believe it myself, but I had nothing to lose but time, and I’ve already lost that worrying about my Napoleon in the south region for all my life. I saw a commercial on TV and I decided to give it a try, and let me tell you, now I consider it the best decision of my life!

So what IS SizeGenetics?! I’m sure that by now you are already educated about penis extenders, but to put it plain and simple, it is a device that’s gradually extending your penis muscles over time so that by the end of the program you have a longer penis by a couple of inches! Does it work? Well, I don’t want to brag but…

What is Size Genetics

Probably like you, I wondered how does it all work!? Since it’s a penis extender, naturally it had to use some kind of a force, rather “tension” on the penis. Once the penis is placed in the Size Genetics device, the penis extender is gently pulling on the penis, so that over a lengthy period it’s encouraged to grow. Over time the cell duplication mechanism in our body recognises that it needs to “compensate”. This way our body is “hacked” into enhancing its own regeneration properties, thus stimulating the cell growth in the region we wish to treat. Voila – a bigger penis!

Size Genetics is one of the few registered Type 1 Medical devices on the market

This all sounds great in theory, but does the medical community approve? I needed a backing from an authoritative figure a.k.a. doctors! Well, Size Genetics is one of the few registered Type 1 Medical devices on the market and it has backing from multiple doctors! Also there are published studies that clearly explain how it all works. It’s all on the web.

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At first it took some adjustment, I can’t lie. It was awkward at first, but I stuck to it. There are 16 different types of comfort straps that made it easier for me to adjust. Also, the multi directional angling (MDA) makes it that much comfortable. To top it all of I received a Traction Plus Powder and Revita Cream in case of itching or similar challenges, but I never used these.

Turbo charge Confidence with Size GeneticsI upgraded to the “Ultimate System” since I was serious about my penis growth, so I received the “Penis Health” exercises that sped up my penis growth drastically and it made an impactful difference in bed for sure. The 1st thing I noticed was that I lasted longer and that I had a much stronger erection. After that I had the full support from my other half to go all the way with the Size Genetics program. I’m telling you it was a blessing.

When I decided to buy the Size Genetics I was a bit concerned about the delivery, since I didn’t want my whole neighbourhood to know what was I entertaining myself with. Also I didn’t want my other half to know that I wasn’t all that pleased with my junk, but I’m guessing she already knew. Still, the delivery was fast, efficient, clean and by that I mean it came in a plain box so my worries were put to rest.

Also I knew they had a 180 day trial and a full money back guarantee, so that was a crucial push for me to go ahead and buy this penis extender. Plus they have a promotion where they give a full refund to those who give a full and complete testimonial. Now that’s dedication and belief in their own product.

What can I tell you guys, I’m happy. My girl is happy. The “General” is happy. I’m blessed that I decided to go ahead, regardless of the hesitations I had and went through a Size Genetics program and used their extender. It made a huge impact in my life and I’m sure it can make it in yours, if you give it a chance. Don’t live your life with worries that can be corrected and eliminated. The answer is here and I stand by it 100%. So, click below to visit official Size Genetics website and change your life forever to the best!

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