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Best Kama Sutra positions to get pregnant

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Best Kama Sutra positions to get pregnant

Best Kama Sutra positions to get pregnant

So, you and your partner are trying hard to get pregnant? But can’t due to stressed lifestyle. Isn’t it? Actually, it has become a norm these days. So take a holiday and try these innovative Kama Sutra positions to get pregnant. One of them is sure to give you desired results.

Missionary position:

Kama Sutra Missionary positionThe most comfortable and common position. Lie on your back, spread your legs wide open while ask your man to push himself deep inside his body. It is said to be the most ideal position to conceive a girl child.

Indra Position:

Kama Sutra Indra PositionIndra Position: Lie on your back. Raise your hip, put your legs on his chest and ask him to penetrate deep in your body. This position is considered as most effective Kama Sutra position to get pregnant as you are allowing sperm to get into you in short possible way.

Spooning position:

Kama Sutra Spooning positionA good way to get cosy with your partner. The ideal time for this KS position is in morning. What you have to do is lie comfortably on your side while your partner grabs your boobs, put his hands around your waist, and push his cock deep inside your vagina. Make sure your pelvis is bent at 90 degree as displayed above. While his cock works magic inside you, you can indulge in deep kissing at the same time.

Reverse Cowgirl position:

Kama Sutra Reverse Cowgirl positionSimilar to Women on top position. Here, your partner lies on the bed while you lie on his dick. The position is ideal to get faster pregnant.

Splitting Bamboo position:

Kama Sutra Splitting Bamboo positionAn exciting love making that you and your partner will definitely enjoy. Here, you will raise your legs over your partner shoulders while he push himself deep inside your body The position is sure to give you a desired orgasm.

Glowing Triangle Position:

Kama Sutra Glowing Triangle PositionSimilar to missionary with a twist. You lie on your back and your partner legs are spread out. Wrap your partner with your legs; raise your pelvis a little bit from the bed so that your partner can penetrate deep inside your body. The position is perfect for adventurous couples.

Doggy Style position:

Kama Sutra Doggy Style PositionYou may have seen it in several movies, but actually it’s a great way to conceive a baby. What you have to do is sit like a doggy in bed and your partner fucks you for behind. The position is most comfortable for sperms to move deep inside your body. It is one of the easiest ways to get pregnant.

You can try all these Kama Sutra positions to get pregnant. Along with it indulge in kissing and touching too. Make sure you enjoy your time with your man. Don’t do it just for sake of starting a family. Do it, because you love it.

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