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Extreme fetishes that people might have

Extreme fetishes that people might have

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Extreme fetishes that people might have

Extreme fetishes that people might have

This article is going to the extreme. Fetishes by their nature are something that’s considered to be taboo, something that’s not fitting in the norm of what regular sexual arousal is expected to be. It’s going beyond the borders of traditional sex, indulging in activities that are just plain strange, but to those who are involved in them, these activities are giving them great sexual arousal. We are going to skip the regular fetishes, such as foot worshipping, domination and submission, water sports or even role-playing since they are considered “normal” fetishes to have nowadays. Be prepared to be shocked by some, because we are going to the extreme.


Let’s start with some of the more silly ones, but weird non the less. There are people who are aroused by balloons during their time of sexual arousal. Maybe it’s the latex or the popping sound that the balloon makes, but these people adore balloons in a sexual way. Go ahead and enter “balloon” on any porn site in the search bar, you’ll fall off of your chair.


Or as it is properly called eproctophilia is a fetish where the person is the sexually aroused by, yes, farts. The person with this kind of a fetish usually loves to be farted into his face, but sniffing them is also a big part of the whole deal. Need we say more?


This one is mostly featured in Hentai porn videos and it’s usually a cartoon monster who is penetrating the girl with its tentacles. What else would it do with those phallus looking things?

Furry porn

Anthropomorphic animals are what’s hot right now. There’s a whole movement behind furry porn, where the fans of these lovable furries love to watch them have sex. There’s also a subgenre for adults who love the “My Little Pony” cartoon series. They are called “bronies”, they are just the regular fans of the series, who are “normal”, but then there are those who masturbate to these cartoons and they are called “cloppers”. Confused much?


The last one of these silly extreme fetishes is pedovestism. To dumb it down a notch, this fetish is commonly referred to as “adult babies”. There are individuals who love to behave like babies again. They are acting like a toddler, walking or rather crawling like a toddler and they are talking in “baby talk”. Diapers and the whole get up are a must for this extreme cos-play fetish, but it’s hard to look at it as cos-play since this is just plain weird. Still, it is not as weird and twisted as the fetishes that are about to come.


Scat porn is something that we all know what it is but we never actually want to see it, unless you get a link from your best friend that says “2 girls 1 cup”. Even then, it’s the curiosity of what’s behind the link that made you open it and not the actual contents of it. This fetish is called coprophilia and it involves a sexual interest in feces and defecation. There’s no need to go into details since you still can’t get that image of “2 girls 1 cup” out of your head.


The sexual arousal from lactating breasts. There are some that are getting off on milk filled breasts and you can even find these videos on any porn site that you like. It’s not something that’s that disgusting, but to think that someone is getting sexual pleasure from this, now that’s disturbing.

Auto-Erotic Asphyxiophilia

Do you remember Michael Hutchence from the rock band INXS. Because of his death, due to this extreme fetish, the light was shed onto this sexual phenomenon. Asphyxiophilia is when a person is deprived of oxygen in order to achieve a stronger orgasm. It is a truly hardcore fetish to have, one that is not to be played with.


We’ve saved the best for last, one fetish that’s gonna bring the spirits up and restore faith in humanity. One where love prevails and where it is all about love. Paraphilia or as it is now widely known as “object sexuality”, is a fetish where a person has a strong emotional and sexual attachment towards a non-human object. Thanks to Erika Eiffel who is the leading proponent for this “fetish”, she founded an on-line community called “OS Internationale”, where people who have emotional feelings towards objects can share their experiences. Erika Eiffel is mostly known for marrying the Eiffel Tower and she also had strong romantic feelings towards her competition bow. Others are expressing love towards their bicycles, the Ferris wheel, the Statue of Liberty and even the Berlin Wall. Call it extreme fetish all you like, but there’s a simpler word for it and that’s just plain, sick.

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