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Hot subreddits in the Reddit network

Hot subreddits in the Reddit network

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Hot subreddits in the Reddit network

Hot subreddits in the Reddit network

Have you ever heard of a site called Reddit? Yes, the homepage of the Internet, that Reddit. If not, go and check it out now since we are about to discuss some of the most interesting subreddits on the network and it would be useful if you knew what’s being discussed here. Just in case, if you don’t have the time, this article will give you the “need-to-know” information about these hot subreddits. Concerning porn, of course.

This is how Reddit works. Basically, anyone who registers on Reddit can make a post, as long as it is covered by that subreddit’s policy. If you are concerned about your identity for some reason, you have the option to be anonymous, but using a nick can be just enough. Once you make a post, if moderators approve it (some subreddits will allow a post without moderation), it becomes available on the NEW page. Depending on your chosen topic, if it’s viral-worthy, other members will like it and it can be upvoted. This way, the material might go on the RISING page. Eventually, you can hit the HOT page (after enough upvotes) and that’s the homepage of the subreddit. Easy enough to follow! On the flip side, crappy posts can be downvoted and your ego will be crushed forever. It was never meant to be, deal with it. The advantage of Reddit’s porn posts is that they are precise. Users post their fav porn selections and therefore it’s different and authentic from the selections that you would get on a proper porn site. Think of it as a collector’s item.

Here are some of the more unconventional posts that you might find on Reddit.

Grool (

The definition of a “Grool” is – a girl that drools. This is why Reddit is a perfect place for your porn education since actual porn users are submitting content on these Reddits. There are no tags or keywords that are defining this occurrence in a porn video, yet it exists as a niche. What one might find in this section are girls who are drooling all over the place in a sexual way. This description is vague since it can involve lots of sexual or erotic acts where drooling happens, that’s why it is so intriguing and alluring to click on it.


Not Safe For Work subreddit has its own page. Still, most of the porn subreddits are already pinned as NSFW. You don’t want to get lost browsing all these gems at work and then accidentally click on a huge picture of a vagina for all of your co-workers to see. They are doing the same, let’s be honest, but they are aware what NSFW means.

Real Girls (

On a porn site, you would get an “amateur” or a “homemade” tag instead of “real girls”. Here, on Reddit, you can see all kinds of pics, videos and GIFs of real homegrown babes who are flashing their stuff as exhibitionists. The interesting thing about this section is that there is a rule which states the following: you can’t claim that this is you in the picture nor claim that it is someone who you know. You must verify it first, by submitting your photos to the Reddit team. Nice one!

Girls With Neon Hair (

No, they don’t have actual neon lights in their hairdos, although you probably might find some that do. It is a collection of girls who have a bright hair color, who are posing in a sexy way for the camera. As you guessed it right, most of the girls are Emo or into Asian culture. Talk about stereotypes.

Incest (

Oh no! Not Incest! Well, Internet is filled with sick content for individuals who are quenching their desires with these kinds of niches. As long as it stays on the Internet, there’s no harm done, but also you will not find anything graphic on this subreddit, since it is mostly fiction or some random concerns that the users are having, such as “I’m having an 8 year relationship with my half-sister”. Knock yourself out if this is the kind of stuff that you are into.

Jilling (

Women fingering or toy f-ing their tender parts. Cool name for a special subreddit.

O Faces (

Pornographic material of girls who are enjoying their session so much that they had to let the oohs and the aahs out of their mouths. “Oh, it feels so good”..Try finding these on a porn site…

NSFW Funny (

A collection of porn related pictures that are bound to make you laugh and keep you away from work with their magnetic lure. Think of it as 9GAG for adults.

Gone Wild Audio (

Audio files containing some of the most erotic and orgasmic sounds and expressions recorded by users during their “casual” time. It is meant to be sexually stimulating and it’s suggested that you listen with your headphones on.

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