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Hottest most famous retro pornstars

Ginger Lynn


Hottest most famous retro pornstars

Hottest most famous retro pornstars

Being a pornstar in the 80’s was like being a rare exotic diamond. It was considered the golden age of porn and thanks to the VCR and the VHS cassettes, it was easy to expand from the cinemas into the homes of so many who wanted to whip one out. This is the age when so many of the porn-stars became legends. Here are just a few that graced the screens with their talents.

Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn ChambersShe might be considered a pioneer in porn since she was one of the first to cross-over. Well, she over-crossed since she appeared on a Ivory Snow laundry detergent, posing as a mother holding a child. Simultaneously, she broke out with the “Behind The Green Door” where she played the silent role of a woman kidnapped and forced to perform sexual acts in front of a sex theater packed with aroused men. Sales of the detergent spiked and her movie made $50 million. A star was born.

Tom Byron

Tom ByronIn his teens, Tom was a shy kid, who was soft-spoken and good in school. He was so good that he even graduated one year earlier. After that he moved to L.A. and took a job in an adult video/novelty store, located across the street from Jim South’s World Modeling Agency. One thing led to another and here we are talking about Tom’s career. In 91′ he had a bit of a problem with the IRS, so he took on a grueling schedule, making about 250 movies that year. That total is now over 2000 movies and is also inducted in the AVN Hall Of Fame.

Traci Lords

Traci LordsOne of the most controversial stars of her time. She entered the industry with a fake ID since she was not even 18 years old. Later on, once the story broke out, she was in and out of courts, she spent millions in lawsuits and faced harsh social scrutiny for her actions. Regardless, all of these problems never steered her away from her true calling – porn.


SekaBorn and raised in Radford, Virginia she had a rather plain childhood. Nothing that would suggest that she was broken, using it as a reason to turn to porn. After high school, she worked as a model and she appeared in some mainstream magazines such as Interview, Metro and Vanity Fair. Then one day she took a job as a nude model, and things took off from there, where she made her first video with 22 years. Seka is a legend in the biz and she is a member of every porn hall of fame. She made a comeback in 2007 at the age of 52 and she didn’t miss a beat.

John Holmes

John HolmesHe is the biggest penis that has ever done it. John Holmes is a prolific porn actor who made approximately over 2500 movies and have slept with well over 3000 women, and reportedly some men. He lived the life of excess, from drugs to women just the same. In the mid 80’s he had developed a drug problem that took it’s toll on him, since at one point he couldn’t “perform” as he used to. Then, since he needed the cash, he turned to prostitution and even some drug trafficking. All of the unprotected sex got to him since he had contracted AIDS and died in 88′ from the complications of the virus. His life was loosely based in the movie “Boogie Nights” starring Mark Whalberg.

Ginger Lynn

Ginger LynnShe had that “girl next door” look that made her so famous. She seemed as if she was attainable and that very thing propelled her into the porn star hall of fame. She was a model initially and then she entered the adult industry. Her 1st role was in “Surrender In Paradise” but eventually she even appeared in some of the mainstream movies like “The Devilís Rejects”.

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy“The Hedgehog”, he’s probably the most recognizable porn star that has ever done it and he just might be the Michael Jordan of porn. With his huge wang he took the biz with ease, even though Ron always wanted to be a mainstream actor. Rare fact is that before porn, Ron was a teacher. Also, he can play the piano very well and he can even be seen in the “Ghostbusters” in the crowd after the Marshmallow man was defeated. Still to this day, you can see him doing some scenes in porn.

Nina Hartley

Nina HartleySince nursing school wasn’t exciting enough for Nina, she decided the right place for her would be porn. In 1984 her 1st flick was in “Educating Nina” that ended up being a huge hit. She had made over 400 movies and even today she is still active, which is very rare for female actresses.

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