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What Kind Of Cars Do Pornstars Drive

What Kind Of Cars Do Pornstars Drive


What Kind Of Cars Do Pornstars Drive

What Kind Of Cars Do Pornstars Drive

Working in the porn industry has its perks, once a porn-star reaches a certain status. Of course, it is known that making serious cash in porn as a performer is not as lucrative as the perception might seem, but it’s still payed better than the regular 9-5. Still, for those that are “out there” and have the cojones to bare it all and put it up on the Internet forever to be seen, a payoff is in order. For those that made some cash, splurging on some cool tjhoys can be a reward for all the “hard” work that was put in.

Cars are toys for grown ups

Cars are toys for grown ups, but when we’re talking about porn-stars, the information is very thin when someone wants to check out what are porn-stars driving (manly because they are driving boring cars). Here is a list of some of the industry’s performers and the vehicles that they are flooring.

Mia Rose: 06′ Nissan 350z Touring edition

Nissan 350z Touring editionMia is the the younger sister of Ava Rose, who entered the biz in 06′ along with her sister. The two of them were introduced to porn through an agent on MySpace back in the day, when your 1st on-line friend was Tom. She already had sex with 98 guys before entering porn, so she figured there’s not much difference, besides the cameras and the production. All that fame at the time was also lucrative, so she bought a 06′ Nissan 350z Touring edition. It fits her personality perfectly since it’s compact, fast and easily maneuverable just like Mia.

Roxy DeVille: 2007 Honda CRV

2007 Honda CRVAs was mentioned before, there are no luxurious “rapper” style cars on this list. With Roxy’s car it is obvious that porn stars are looking for something cool but that it’s not ridiculously expensive. Roxy is driving a 2007 Honda CRV that fits in perfectly with her personality. She might seem like a wild girl on screen, but her real life persona is down to earth, one that prefers hanging out in smaller groups, at home with her dog. Her Honda is a safe car that takes care of her perfectly. They compliment each other.

Marie Luv is an ebony adult actress who sure knows how to make fire on screen. She also has a brother Nick Da’Kannon who’s a gay pornstar. Marie drives a 2007 Honda CRV that’s a mid-size luxury crossover SUV produced by the Nissan-owned Infiniti luxury vehicle brand since the 2003 model year. Just like Roxy, she likes them big with a good thrust.

Dana DeArmond: Prius

Dana is a versatile adult business member, who had some heat on her before she went into porn. She was hot on MySpace, since she had 300k friends, back in the 2007 days. She then got into porn, and it was on. One would think that someone who has lots of cash lines pouring in, that she’d get a more luxurious car, but she chose the Prius. Did porn start to run out of money or do the porn-stars just have a more evolved view of how to spend their money?

Lexi Love drives a truck…

Adrenalynn: 07′ Hummer limited edition truck

On this list we had to find someone who had some bling and brought flair to their whips. Leave it to Adrenalynn to spice up the list with her truck. It’s a 07′ Hummer limited edition truck – the rap video style Hummer. She is no longer in the biz, even though her career lasted only 3 years, but she will always be remembered as the porn-star that knew hot to handle the “Hummer”.

Jana Jordan: 1969 Mercury Cyclone and 04 Infiniti

Jana Jordan: 1969 Mercury Cyclone and 04 InfinitiA blonde cute looking Texas girl who’s into porn sure does have some taste in cars. 1969 Mercury Cyclone is a “Dukes of Hazard” devil on wheels, fitting for a delicate looking blonde out of San Antonio. To tone that rugged taste she also has 04 Infinity that’s more adequate for her “princessy” good looks.

Joanna Angel: Nissan Sentra

On with our list of luxurious and grandiose cars. Next on our list is an alternative pornographic and mainstream actress, director, and writer, Joanna Angel. Her car of choice is the devilishly good looking Nissan Sentra, just like the one you can see parked in your neighbor’s drive-way. Maybe he’s in porn too, you never know.

Tyler Knight: Mustang V8

Tyler Knight: Mustang V8Now, for a man on the list who knows something about cars. Tyler drives a Mustang V8, a beautiful, stylish and a fast car at that, that runs for about 40k. Not a small price considering what men are payed in porn.

And for the most expensive car on the list – any of the Charlie Sheen’s porn-girls! They got a Bentley and a Porche, estimated at $320,000 with taxes and and $150,000. Viva la Charlie.

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