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Which Breasts You Prefer better – fake or real

Which Breasts You Prefer better - fake or real

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Which Breasts You Prefer better – fake or real

Which Breasts You Prefer better – fake or real

Ever since men took a nipple in their mouths, that desire to get back on it never left their subconsciousness. What is it about breasts that are so appealing to most men? There isn’t a single heterosexual man who couldn’t be accused of ogling on a pair of breasts at least once in his life. This is the mechanics of men, the way their primal brains work and it is also the magical lure of the breasts. Now, the question that is posed is this. If men like breasts so much, do they prefer natural ones of the fake ones and which is better? This is a deep, deep philosophical question, one that needs to be examined in depth.

There was a study done in Brazil that says that women who have breast implants are reporting higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

Why they did such a study is probably a better question, but now that we have this scientific data, it can be argued that there is something more than just what meets the eye in regards of fake breasts. These women reported that the enjoyment of sex is now far greater than it was before because of their fake breasts. Why is that so? Maybe because they have more confidence, now that they have gotten the enhancement? Is it because men are turned on more, so they are approached more hence there are more chances for a sexual relationship? There are many factors that have to be examined before making any conclusions on this topic and also, this is a debate that has to do with feelings more so than just the simple question of whether fake breasts look better or not.

There was also a study that was conducted in England about what do men prefer more, fake or naturals. The results stated that 77% of men preferred natural breasts to fake ones simply because fake breasts feel “fake”. If we take this study and compare it to the Brazilian one, there is an obvious disbalance in the results and the conclusion can not be drawn from either source.

This is why, as stated before, this isn’t a question that has to do with the visual but it has to do with the emotional. This is also a matter of opinion, so the rest of the text will shift its focus towards these two. If you ask any man if he likes to see big round breasts, the answer would probably be, yes. What’s not to like? It is a perfect circle, nice looking, tight, of course, the answer is yes. This is a knee-jerk reaction that men have and it is a valid one. No one wants to say no and end up in a debate about why he doesn’t like what everyone else does, about a topic that’s not even that important. And that is just it. To some it is important and to some, it is just shallow talk. To some women, this is all that matters and to some men, this is the most irrelevant thing ever as long as the woman is treating him well. This is the reason why this can not be decided based on the looks alone.

Women are getting their implants to boost their confidence for the most part.

Those that do get them, in most cases are more than happy that they got them. Then, there are those that have to deal with “botched” surgeries that don’t go according to the plan. This is is a risk that women are taking in order for them to look more beautiful. As a result, they are leading their lives with their heads up high, with more poise and exuberance due to the fact that their confidence levels went up. These women want to be regarded. At the end of the day, it is not about the size, it has to do with their attitude.

Men, on the other hand, are the ones who are enjoying this view. Sure, big round balls on their chests do look tempting to the eye but on the touch, this might be a different story. Many men have told that they aren’t fond of the way the fake breast feels. Some say that it is too rigid and that it looks very unnatural. Stuffing silicone filled balloons inside of a body part is something that can be considered insane. Of course, there are those who are not thinking about it all too deep and are just enjoying fake breasts as they are. To most men, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter if they are fake or not. If they look good, they are good, if not, as long as the woman loves and takes care of her man, all is good.

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